Keltoi Vineyard was established in 1997 when Erv and LeeAnn Langan purchased 43 acres north of the former town of Medoc. The first year was devoted to clearing some of the forest that would later be used as a picnic area.

The next year saw the first acre of grapes planted along the hilly, southeast side of the property. The grapes were St. Vincent, a red French hybrid that has the capability of making a delicious full-bodied semi-dry wine. In addition, when pressing the grapes, they make a delightful blush wine.

The third year the vineyard was expanded when the Langan's purchased an additional three acres, which is now known as the north vineyard. This area is where the winery also sits. An old barn sat where the winery is now. The roof collapsed when approximately 12 inches of snow fell on it. Old oak wood was salvaged from it and was used by LeeAnn to build the bar. A shed in front of the property was torn down in 2007 to increase parking space.

The south vineyard consists of four acres of grapes, which include:
  • St Vincent - Red
  • Boco Noir - Red
  • Villard Noir - Red
  • Foch - Red
  • Cayaga - White
  • Seyval - White
  • Vidal - White
The North Vineyard consists of almost two acres of an excellent quality Norton grape, native to Missouri.

A building was erected in 2003 to do three of the four phases of the winery operation. These include:
  • Crushing, pressing & primary fermentation
  • Secondary fermentation
  • Bottling, labeling & final product storage
The "Cottage" was added on during the fall of 2006. This is the retail area, which is also available for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. A covered patio for the front has been completed. The construction part of the winery seems to never end... but it is a labor of love.